Admissions closed for Mass Communication at St Josephs College

27 June. It is over two weeks since classes for the three-year Under Graduate (UG)  and two-year Masters programmes (PG) started. But I keep getting requests for a ‘seat in Mass Communication’ (PG). If you reach the limit, how do you accommodate those eager students? No way! ‘Please, somehow, make a place for me!’ Well, it is like trying to accommodate two people in a chair meant for only one! That is our lot.

So, the lesson: there are no seats available for Mass Communication programme at St Josephs College Bangalore!

So is the case with  UG Visual Communication [BA (Visual Arts)]. Seats are full, and no place.

It is no different with three-year B.Voc (Visual Media and Film Making): no seats!

If you are very good at designing and animation, and want to be an animator/designer, you may find a few vacant places in the next one week in Animation; not after that. That is also called B.Voc (Digital Media & Animation)


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