Govt and the Educational Agencies

22 July. Universities and governments have a knack of making things complicated, of becoming obstacles on the way of progress of society and individuals. And they lay down rules that they themselves can neither follow nor want t0!

If you notice the laws and ‘guidelines’ the two have laid down, it would shock anyone. Say, for example, both the UGC and the governments say that we need to have better education, we need to figure in the top 100 universities in the world. But that is only a wish! If wishes were horses, beggars might ride upon! But the irrational burden they dump on educational institutions and their stake-holders is inexplicable.

That is for now: a word more … will misfire!

Will see you soon, either as the continuation of this blog-post or as another, separate post on the same blog!

While the UGC stresses that there should be more academic freedom, meaningful student:faculty ratio (smaller the better), and best academic practices as in the West, the government ensures that each teacher has got 100+ students to her! And by doing this, the government saves money and diverts it to Rs.1 rice! That is, robbing Peter to pay Paul! Imagine, who becomes education minister in India – both at the State and Union level – non-academics, or even anti-academics!

My immediate context is the UGC guidelines on reseach – that anyone guiding research (PhD) has to be a part of the university. What does that mean? If a college far away, affiliates itself to a university, what happens?

In addition, college managements (especially private managements) feed on this ambiguity!

At this rate can education be saved?


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