India Warns TV Stations Over Criticism of Hanging

What a shame! First we hang a man accused of Mumbai blasts, in  a terrible hurry – amidst cries to revoke  the death penalty. And then, the Government sends notices to three TV channels for airing views on it or interviews with the accused’s lawyer or some relative! If the government tolerates its media in other, more gross violations, why not respect the differences of opinions?

Per se, I am opposed to death penalty. I mean, no civil society hangs or kills people.  Even in the grossest violations of a country’s laws, there are ways to deal with. Death is neither the only way out nor a noble one. Yakub Memon has already experienced enough of jail. Could not the Govt keep him behind bars a bit longer (lest he should threaten anyone or the government anymore) and avoid trespassing over others’ lives? Aren’t there ways of reforming a person? Why should we take the very ways taken by ‘terrorists’ and prove that we are no better?

Here is a link to an article written by David Barestow of New York Times published on an NDTV blog.


New Delhi:  India’s government on Friday accused three television networks of violating broadcasting regulations by showing interviews that criticized the execution of Yakub Memon, hanged last month for bombings that killed 257 people in Mumbai in 1993.

In formal notices to the three networks, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said the interviews were improper because they “cast aspersions on the integrity” of India’s judicial system. The notices require the three networks – NDTV, ABP News and Aaj Tak – to explain why they should not face a possible broadcast suspension.

The move drew immediate protest from India’s Broadcast Editors’ Association, which said the notices were a “questionable pretext” for a larger government campaign to control news coverage. The… (the full article via the hyperlink)

Indian Govt issues notices to three TV channels


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