ALLURA – the allure of the visual world

3 Sept. 2015. These are alluring times, again. Come September, and our Communication Department at St Josephs College Autonomous is there on the field!

The Department is hosting ALLURA – its annual national  visual communication festival, spearheaded by the Under Graduate students of Visual Communication (BVC).

Last year (2014), Allura was a resounding success, what with college students thronging the campus from various parts of the state and the country for this fest!

Probably, UG is the best time to explore your creativity. That is the time, the students show their craziest form of creativity, energy and spontaneity. (I wish, they also have the same passion for formal education!)

Now it is another year, another edition of ALLURA. Students have been spending nights and nights (days are meant for formal education, by the way!)  on the College campus to ensure that everything goes on smoothly.

Come 4-5 September, and you are allured by the glamour and energy! Come, be a part of it.


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