Power cut causes inconvenience in Bengaluru


BENGALURU: Due to the acute power shortage in the state, the frequency of load-shedding has increased to three times a day in Bengaluru city.  As a result, citizens are facing inconvenience in their daily activities.
The residents of Lingarajapuram are left in the dark for many hours of the day. “This power cut is affecting my studies. The power cuts occur at unscheduled hours and the entire house is in darkness,” said Maria, a student.
Rolland Antony, a retired officer said, “The power shortage is not a problem: but the monthly bills are ten percent higher than the average monthly bill which is a rip off in spite of the power that is being cut”.
Mr Venkatesh, an official of the KEB (Karnataka Electricity Board) said, “The condition will persist for sometime because there is a shortage of electricity generated.” According to him the power that is supplied will be limited. The reason for this is that BESCOM had postponed its quarterly maintenance work that was scheduled for March because of exams.


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