Mr Bean makes Bengalureans nostalgic

Madiha Zulekha

BENGALURU: Rowan Atkinson, widely known as Mr Bean, celebrated the 25th anniversary of his existence as a British Comedy icon at the Buckingham Palace, London on September 4.

The 60-year old actor drove his light green Mini through the streets of London. This day made a mark on all Mr Bean fans as it brought back vivid memories of their childhood bringing a smile on their faces as they talked about it not only in London but worldwide.

“I can’t believe it has been 25 years already. I still remember fighting with my brother for the remote just to watch the episode. Mr Bean always managed to make me laugh and put me in a light mood. I will make sure that my kids get to watch it too,” said Piya Rajesh, a resident of J.P Nagar.

Rowan Atkinson - the affable Mr Bean. PHOTO:- GOOGLE/WEB
Rowan Atkinson – the affable Mr Bean. PHOTO:- GOOGLE/WEB

His childish acts put him in trouble all the time. The comedy icon never really spoke much but he touched everyone’s hearts with his comical mumbles managing to make all grumpy kids open up and have a good time while watching his show.

“My son used to be a very naughty child playing tantrums on all his friends and relatives. Clearly, without a doubt his favourite show was Mr Bean. Now he is obviously grown up and has his own family, but I still catch him watching Mr Bean with his child relishing it as much as he used to back then,” said Leelavathi Manohar, a retired school teacher.

Mr Bean is one of a kind character that appeals to all ages. Even though they don’t make new episodes any longer, he will continue to live in the heart and soul of the die-hard fans, and it will continue to be the most favourite of the coming generations.


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