PRaxis-IV – to Mysore

This is the fourth edition of PRaxis – the signature international summit of Public Relation practitioners from Mysore. Like the last time, even this time I will be there – thanks to my good friend and brother Amit Prabhu.

Amith is a passionate PRactitioner. He is a big name in this industry. At a very young age, he carved a niche for himself. And this PRaxis is his baby, a single-handed venture, with the help of his friends.

The last one, held in Agra, was a huge success. He expected at around 300 practitioners; but over 350 international delegates attended this high-profile summit.

This time his limit was 350; but -he says- he could not block a few insistent and passionate PR friends. That is something about Relationships! And Amith and his team has to host over 460 PRactitioners, this time!

The last year, I went to Agra, with Steven. Strictly speaking, I was alone from my side. This time, we have a small contingent from St Josephs College Bengaluru. After the stunning success of PRaxis-III in Agra, I wanted a chance for my students to be volunteers and delegates. And Amith was graceful in extending this opportunity not just to me, but even to my students. Twelve volunteers, and four delegates, from student community.

Here is wishing a run away success to PRaxis-2015 in Mysore.

See you on Sunday (after the late night arrival on Saturday)


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