PRaxis-2015: the summit that made me a tweeter!

26 Sept. #PRaxisMysore.

That’s the hashtag.

Amit Prabhu has been always a dear friend to me since 2000, when I joined St Aloysius College Mangalore. He was still a student. He was known and much sought after for conducting quizzes in Mangalore.

Later, when I went to Pune for my Ph.D. in Cinema, I caught up with Amit at Shivajinagar Vidya Bhavan Church, when he attended Sunday masses.

Even since, we have been in touch. Or, rather, Amit has been in! Wherever he went, Amit made it a point to connect.

When he launched PRaxis in 2011, that rare international event, he had wanted me to be present, though I was not a PR executive, or not even a keen PR industry follower/ teacher. When he oranised the second PRaxis in Lavasa, he insisted that I attended. But by then, I had reached the UK.By the way, these two editions of PRaxis, he conducted, while still based in Chicago, working for Edelman!

And PRaxis stands for Public Relations and Crisis Communication Strategies! Some of my current first year Mass Communication (Masters) students learned this yesterday!

When I returned to my country at the end of 2013, Amit was back to India, too. He told me, the next edition of PRaxis was planned in Agra, next to the ever-romantic (and the ill-maintained) Taj Mahal. He made arrangements for my travel! I could not say no to Amit. And that changed my perception about PR industry. I saw over 360 PR executives in action in Agra! Met good many of them, and developed those contacts.

This time, it was the fourth. Much before that I  had whispered in Amit’s ears that I wanted my students get a good chance to participate and be a part of it in various capacities. Amit told me the implications. But ended saying, he would not say ‘no’ to me! And he kept his word.

He made it possible for sixteen of my students to attend this year’s PRaxis  in Mysore – that is #PRaxisMysore. And what a difference it made to my students!

While Jisa Mathew won the early bird prize (to begin the day with, on 25/9), she was outside the hall, at the registration desk. On the second day, another student of mine won one more prize; once again, she was at the desk, doing her duty. Good for them.

Amit had already announced a contest for tweeters – an opportunity to win an iPad. It was enough for me to be there. iPad was not necessary for me to tweet. I would tweet irrespective of the contest.

But it was because of the brotherly bond and affection that I have for Amit, that I decided to tweet a bit more. And started. And it went on till my cell battery died!

When today, the Social Media team announced the analytics of tweeting, I was surprised – the PRaxis was trending in the southern level on 25th. And on 26th, it was trending at the national level, with over 8,000 tweets in less than 21 hours! It’s a massive achievement.Moksh said, our reach was 40,000K! God!

Then the top twitterati of the Summit: one with 95, another with 96, and third was Yours Truly with over 100 tweets!Something for a man, whose hobby is not tweeting! (there were two more – one with 200+ and the winner with 300+ tweets)

It was quite impressive – over 100 tweets!? And I continued tweeting after the announcement too; so in all, the tweets must have reached 125-150. It is a big number.It is nice to be  a part of this event!

Not to speak of the twenty-minute sessions and panels! Great learning for me and my students.


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