Blogger or media moghul? My crisis

25 Oct. It is very flattering when someone whom you don’t know, writes to you. Writes to you because s/he has visited your blog, and has something connected with it. And writes for various things – usually with a request.

And no exaggeration – I keep getting enough number of mails and personal comments on this blog. Some send me comments on the blog posts. That is expected. But many of the comments or mail are requests to do this or that for them! Someone wants to her/his results of an exam s/he has sat Someone wants to read a book or paper related -in some remote- way to a blog post. Some want their Aadhaar/ UDAI or EPIC  card. Some are bothered about their BSNL services or railway services, and the expect ME to do it for them! Someone wants to get more information on some scheme/ facility in some institution or pubic domain. They seem to think I own those concerns from which they want to benefit.

One of the common requests I get from students is to give an internship at NDTV or Times Now. Or to work with Barkha Dutt or Radjeep Sardesai. It is all flattering enough. But not actually. It simply means, they don’t read the posts carefully. And that doesn’t make me anymore proud of them or myself!

What will I do? Nothing! Formerly, I used to reply either on my blog or personally via email. No more. Just ignore the mail or delete the comment!

One thing: reader must read the posts carefully, and realise I am only a humble blogger, not a government official or editor or media moghul and definitely nothing to do with NDTV! I blog my personal experiences and comment on social-political-cultural and especially on media events.


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