Communal politics and Bihar elections

14 Nov. After a long break, I am back.

The last two weeks have been hectic with holiday programmes – traveling from one place to another and back!

One of the biggest miss was the much hyped Bihar elections, where in our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pitched against the much smaller satraps Nitish Kumar Yadav (JDU) and his former bete noir Laloo Prasad Yadav (RJD). Strange, isn’t it? It was the Prime Minister versus a former Chief Minister with an incumbent Chief Minister!

And what a way to learn the lesson for our beloved prime minister and his party! It has been a total rout: 178 for JDU-RJD-Congress versus 58 for Modi’s NDA (BJP and its allies). It was from the 94 seats in the last Assembly to 58 now! There is a big lesson here – divide and rule communal politics won’t work. Our respected prime minister used every communal, explicitly divisive, and below-the-belt trick to trap voters and defeat the three parties (JDU-RJD-Cong.). But, it only backfired badly.

Now Karnataka is in the grip of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and its affiliates. They opposed Karnataka State Government celebrating Tipu Sultan birth anniversary (the 18th century Muslim warrior). It was dirty politics from the Congress government in Karnataka. But the VHP’s way of opposing it was worse still. One of their senior men died during the opposition – nobody knows if the 60-year-old man was killed or died. But all hell broke loose: they accused Muslims, and another poor Muslim boy in southern Karnataka was brutally killed by slitting his throat (he was drinking a tender coconut, near his home in Uppinangady in Dakshina Kannada district)

Consequently, the entire state was shut down by the VHP on Friday (13/11). Dakshina Kannada district was under curfew and Prohibitory orders will be in force till 15/11, and may be extended, given the fragile nature of peace in Karnataka!

Who can save the state and the country from these communal outfits ?

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