Learning during exam time

18 Sept. Give and take is a must in any walk of life. We can’t live as islands. I experience this day in and day out in my field – higher education. Like most other spheres human endeavour, neither can education function without mutuality.

What best can exemplify this than examinations? Setting question papers and valuations? With more and more colleges going in for autonomy and university status, more and more work is coming their way. Hence, there is more demand on the part of teachers.

Thanks to Prof. Leela Rao, my former professor, who introduced me to this early in my career – as far back as in 2001! Ever since, I have been traveling lending a helping hand, and in return getting people to help me and my College!

It is not just I help others and others help me. This is a time of great learning – how other in the same field go about various stages of education in their institutions.

And then, there is that element of learning from those whom you (intend to/) assess! I get answer scripts and dissertations of students, sometimes, unexpectedly educative! And that is wow! moment.

This year, for now, I am in another university, being a part of the viva voce panel for Masters students. This, probably, is one of my best prepared viva voce! I have spent days and days together reading and re-reading those ten Masters dissertations (some of them 120+ pages!), watching related films, reading novels, watching TVCs, television serials, going through heaps of newspaper/ social media/ internet … data! I only wish I could tell the examinees that I have read their dissertations with great interest and hence, could ask so many questions from so many perspectives, and related one sentence/ para/ page/ chapter with another, and convince my deep appreciation behind it all! That, of course, beyond possibility! Students will (usually) go their feel at that moment!

Be that as it may! It has been a learning experience: any way you look at it – good exams or not-so good exams!


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