Missing Fr Munachi

12 Dec. It was a shock. When I visited his website of sermons, a treasure for pastors and preachers-after a long time-, I was shocked. Someone mourned on his website that he would miss Fr Munachi. To know that Fr Munachi had died in February 2015, and to know that after so many months! Sad. R.I.P., Fr Munachi.

His homilies were very short, and down to earth. They gave a sharp insight into the life of Christ and the Church. Often, there was some pinching story or a punching punchline! And you remembered so much of it.

The scripture scholar also made a distinct African contribution to theology – for him Jesus was Africa’s gift to the world. He believed, according to the Scriptures, Jesus was born in Egypt, that Mary was an Egyptian. Since Joseph, the descendant of Abraham and King David, was only foster father of Jesus, Jesus was son of Mary. Hence, to believe that Jesus was “Son of David”, was an act of faith, whereas to believe Jesus to be Son of God was an act of biological extension – since Mary was an Egyptian. He had some good insights into the Scriptures.

Many will miss him. May God grant his eternal rest.


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