Sleepless in (for) Seattle

28 Dec. It’s time for a break. Break with a difference. From the usual educational institutions of India to a different milieu.

This was on my mind – but not for the foresee-ble future! But it has come my own wish, and I don’t have a choice, though it has put me under immense pressure.

Now I am off to Mumbai en route to Seattle University.

LeRoux Chair beckons me against my own wishes. This is not when I thought it should have.

Once you jump (or pushed) into it, you have to swim, and to the best of your ability. That I am convinced of.

If all goes well, I should be there in the United States for the New Year 2016, and for an entirely a new set of students and with a new tribe of faculty and researchers. That is a challenge come a wee bit too early. I proceed with a hope that all will go on well, and devil is in the mind.

So be it! With Dag Hammerskjold, the for former UN Chief, I too say, for all that has been, ‘Thanks’, and for all that will be, ‘Yes’


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