In Mumbai

29 Dec. Thanks to my brother. Had a good flight from Bangalore to Mumbai, while he himself had to wait endlessly on Jet, in Bangalore. Though he was scheduled to start at 8.40pm, his flight took off only at 10.30 pm. On my part, I had to wait for him Mumbai airport. By the time we reached his home in Mumbai, it was around 12.30 a.m.

It is nice to be with the family – my (once upon a time) little nieces (who are no more little, in stead earning their own salaries!) But nieces and nephews are always ‘little’, aren’t they!?

It’s time to relax with them – with my sisters, brother, and “-in-laws”!

On the last of this calendar year, my eldest sister, with my Bro-in-law- celebrates her silver wedding. And the entire family will be here for this, except my parents both of whom are applauding from ABOVE! (My parents themselves had 55 years of meaningful life together as sacramentally wedded couple; won’t they be proud of and happy for their children!?)

And that was the original purpose of my visit to Mumbai. It was planned in August. Then came this programme with Seattle University, and most of the things went haywire!

But for now, some relaxation after and before the heavy work-out!

Have a good day.

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