Daily Archives: 30 December 2015

Gone is the old year; Happy New Year 2016

31 Dec. The day is at hand. The 31st of December. My sister celebrates the silver jubilee of her wedding today.

It was 25 year ago, she married Vincent. It must have been such a long and challenging journey. But the nice thing is they are going strong!

We had a lovely celebration yesterday with the entire Rego clan getting together with the younger generation. After the morning Mass at Malvani Church in Malad, Mumbai, we met at Hotel Westin in Mumbai. And it was brilliant! (for lack of words!)

The day was to do with me – 15 years of celebration!

Today is her actual Silver Wedding. We -once again- had a Eucharistic celebration in the morning at Orlem Church in Malad, Mumbai. Now off to Malvani for the Silver lunch!

That would be time for me to pack up, for my next temporary assignment! And goodbye to this year, and land in the New Year in a different land!

Happy New Year!