Use of defamation, sedition popular in browbeating free speech: report

Number of attacks on journalists have come down, but eight scribes were killed in 2015
TNM Staff| Saturday, January 2, 2016

It has not been a good year altogether for free speech in India with the deaths of five journalists and an apparent rise in the use of defamation suits being used to browbeat free expression.

In its report for the year 2015, media watch website The Hoot said that journalists were at their “most vulnerable” with “deaths, attacks, threats and defamation cases against them at an all-time high”.

The Hoot has been releasing its Free Speech in India report since 2010, and in comparison with the last three years, 2015 has seen minor improvements which have been marred by serious threats.

Firstly, five journalists were killed in the last year in comparison with three in 2014. The number of attacks on journalists and media houses in various forms dropped from 105 in 2014 to 27 in 2015. Five journalists were arrested in 2015 up from four the previous year.


Perhaps one of the most alarming findings is that there appears to be wide usage of certain laws to silence free speech. The Hoot found that in 26 case, …

Use of defamation, sedition popular in browbeating free speech: report – See more at:


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