A week in Seattle

It’s been twelve days in Seattle. And it has been a lovely experience. It is a nice little city – home to Microsoft. Formerly the HQ of Boeing, but still home to many a Boeing plants. And then there are any number of mountains including the Olympic Mountain (in Washington state)

Seattle University is one of the well-known in the North Western region of the United States. And much appreciated for its social commitments. In fact, its Youth Initiative received the top national prize last year!

It has been a wonderful time here at Seattle University as well as my residence. I have a small group of students (in keeping with the practice to aid better learning – keeping the student-faculty ratio very tight!) But that is the strength of this group and system – brings in personalised and effective, learning.

At Seattle University, I teach a rare module – Visions of Growth in India Cinema. This is a newly designed module targeted specially at Seattle. And it is working well. While my good students keep telling me about how much learning, I realise how I myself have already learnt and am still learning!

A new technical-academic skill I am learning is CANVAS. It’s a wonderful IT, online forum in academics. And Seattle has a big cell only to train students and faculty in CANVAS. I already attended three different sessions on three different aspects of it.

In the last one weekend, spent an evening at Beave Lake, then explored the city of Seattle including the famous Public Market, and watched Starwars – the Force Awakes in IMAX 3D.

The one biggest and the most significant thing that has happened after coming here – of course- AB – the huge, huge, huge fan!


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