Marathi author apologises for ‘anti-Modi’ remarks

For the right wing party which keeps negating that there is intolerance in the country, this should be the height of ‘tolerance’. Should public personalities, especially those whom we elect and those living on our taxes, always expect to be incensed? If they can’t take criticism, they should not enter the public sphere. Is it imperative that they be considered above board? Or, don’t the voters have a right to expect their leaders to come clean in all spheres of life?

Why should -the moment one criticises their political leader, and who feeds on their taxes-, a fringe group calling itself blind “fans” or Bhakts of some politicians or ministers or self-styled leaders go on the rampage?

This is hypocrisy at its nadir. We can’t approve of this. Those threatening the freedom of speech and expression, should be jailed. Let there be no immoral or self-styled policing. In a civil society, everyone should respect everyone else’ freedom to live fearlessly and within the ambit of the Constitution.

Forced apology to Narendra Modi by the Marathi writer Dr Shripal Sabnis is a shame of a democracy.
With the BJP’s threat to disrupt Maharashtra’s biggest literary event looming large, author Shripal Sabnis on Tuesday publicly apologised for his remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.With barely tw

Source: Marathi author apologises for ‘anti-Modi’ remarks


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