Visit ot Portland, Oregon

Hafl-way through my stay in Seattle, I had a second break.

This time to Portland in Oregon state. On our way, we drove along the beautiful Columbia river and through the long bridge. Then dropped in at Asatoria. We wanted to spend sometime walking along the banks of Columbia and the beaches. But incessant rains did not permit us. It was  really a wet, wet day – like no other day I witnessed in Seattle!

For our brunch, we started scouting for food; and we could not find much of it – even at 10.00am! There were a few outlets, and there were very long queues in front of them. Then we realised these were fish-and-chips restaurants.

Near the park, there was an old boat, and we saw another long queue, the in heavy drizzle, not bothered about getting drenched! We joined them – got drenched. After all, it was for fish-and-chips!

(It being a Saturday (and Sunday/ holidays), people prefer not to cook, in stead eat out!) We did get to eat fish and chips – after were fully wet!

And then we proceeded to Portland.

Portland is a well-ordered city. Full of life. We reached a wee bit earlier than we had announced we would, thanks to the rain. Late in the evening, we went to  a Mexican restaurant and tasted the delicious tacos!

The next morning was city-darshan – exploring the city, once again in the non-stop rain (call it heavy drizzle). The Chinese Garden was really beautiful.  The Chinese culture is there for everyone to see. What I liked the most was the aroma of the Garden! Lovely, unforgettable aroma of flowers and herbs. Besides, there were Chinese calligraphy, Art on demand, coins, all-red-decorations, and the famous lion dace (which I thought good for kids, who loved it!)

For me the biggest attraction was Powel’s Book Store – America’s biggest book store. Oooops! Loved it – its feel and looks.

And after a late lunch in an Indian restaurant served by an American girl, (chicken vindaloo, chicken tandoori, chicken thali, nan and garlic nan) we returned home. In the night, we made it a point to visit the city once again.

It was Valentines Day. And the mid-night was not night – it was day: even at 11.45pm, city was at it liveliest. Valentine’s dressed for the occasion, walking on the sidewalks, visiting pubs and dance bars, buying and offering gifts…

The last one for the day (night) was a visit to voodoo donuts! The menu itself was dizzying! Since Amith Prabhu had tweeted me not to miss these, all three of us had a piece each! It was enough for a man who doesn’t enjoy much of sweet or creamish!

The last day of our vist (today, i.e. 15 Feb, and by Indian time zone, it is 15 Feb night) we drove back- starting late in the morning. And then, with a memorable stop at Multnomah Water Falls! That is for the next post!


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