In Broad Daylight

A teacher’s greatest reward and satisfaction is to see his/ her students succeed and shine at the highest level. It delights me no ends when I see mine students doing well. Both during their student days and upon graduation, I follow their progress keenly. Just to see how they are doing. And I rejoice when they do well. It feels great.

Here is yet another  success story of my student. She has been my student just for over six weeks. But it has been a great experience teaching here – this particular class.

This young lady was the first one to raise her hand, when I made a general request to the class (on the first day of my class) to arrange Sunday screenings for my course in Film Studies. She said she would take full responsibility to arrange screenings in the University’s well-equipped Media Production Centre. If the Centre was not available, she said, she would arrange at her home for the entire class to view the films on Sundays, so that they would be ready with both readings and viewings for the class days. And ever since, she has been very meticulous and diligent. She would collect films from me the previous week, and book the MPC, and screen the films (even when I was not there) as scheduled. Meticulous. We had regular screenings ever since.

On one of the tutorials she told me it has been very hectic for her – doing the regular courses at the University, working part time to earn her livelihood, working on this film, view two films every week for my Film Studies course in Indian Cinema, and read the readings to be ready for the classes on weekdays. And there are regular assessments of the course (every class-day) and periodic assignments, not just for my  course but for all the course she has taken. But she has been doing it all the same and willingly.

And now she is ready with her 46 minute novel documentary! In Broad Daylight. The tickets are priced at $7 for those booking online, and pay-as-you-want at the spot. Here is wishing all the best to her and her team. All the best. May you taste success.


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