It’s Sony Studio – Hollywood

After the LeRoux Public Lecture at Seattle University, it was time to take a break. Thanks to Tom (in addition to the plenty of support from Gerry, Bob, Dany and a number of others), and Eddie at Culver City and Jack at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Los Angeles, I am in Los Angeles that houses the “world’s Dream seamless Factory”

My visit started with a visit to LMU. Jack was there to receive me!

I was bowled by the LMU campus! The Film & Television Studies Department’s faculty alone has a huge building (is different from department which houses any number of film, television and animation studios). There are 74 members on the teaching staff! Most from Hollywood industry!

Then I visited the department. Wowwww… No words!

Thanks to Tom, I had another visit to the campus after dinner. Couldn’t believe that the University Hall could be such a big building! Nowhere -Stanford, Santa Clara, Seattle, University of California- have I seen such a massive building!

Today, I visited Sony Pictures – popularly known as Sony Studio.

It is education to go through our history, our ancestry. To learn from then, their records, the hosts and the co-seekers!

In the pictures above:

  1. Sony Pictures – main building
  2. Reception – cinematic
  3. Rainbow in the Columbia campus – the oldest building & studio of Sony- their mandatory CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility for public art)
  4. Columbia Studio
  5. & 7. Vehicles used in their film & trademark TV serial
  6. Yours Truly in Silhoette
  7. Vehicle used in their trademark TV serial
  8. Set of their crazily long TV game show Jeopardy
  9. Yours Truly before the Jeopardy desks/ podiums
  10. YT

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