With Zac in Hollywood – Venice Beach in LA

Today was to be a rainy day; but was foggy, though no rainy in LA – Los Angeles.

For my good luck, that helped; not too many people had ventured out  into the beach. And that served the purpose.

Thanks to Zac for his kindness. The guy came all the way from West of Hollywood to catch up with me to this side – an hour’s drive.

After Zac’s India visit last one year, we have shared great rapport. To begin with, he was very kind to connect with me in Bangalore St Josephs, taking initiative. And then spent any number of hours for my students – Mass Comm (MS, MA), BVC (VisCom) and BVoc. – spoke to them on Hollywood functioning from his own experience of working in Hollywood. Then taught lighting and cinematography for them. And offered them short internships and even a job as assistant cinematographer on a film he has been making in Bangalore. Zac & RR

He is just back from Bangalore. And has shifted to Hollywood. That happened to be at the right time for me when I am in Los Angeles – LA and Hollywood. Though not convenient for him to spare time at a phase when he is still setting up his house, Zac was kind and gracious with his time and energy.

First we drove to an Italian grocer to pick up typically American Italian giant sandwich – God Mother! And a few other things, and then drove down to Venice Beach – somewhat resembling the Italian Venice, but much more modern and variety (though missing in the awesome sight and islands of real Venice).

I loved the way American audiences thronged in large numbers for a street display by a few Afro American group. Huge! We in India, hardly care for those street performers. In the pictures, please look at the crowds!

Then the other thing is street art – graffiti. So many walls painted and beautifully! It’s a sight to watch


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