Cherishing the Indian in America

My nearly-three months of stay at Seattle University is  nearly over. Surely, the teaching is over. The all important LeRoux Public Lecture is also over. I am in the last taught week of this Winter Quarter. It is a few more days before my students here submit their final papers for grading. I would rather complete all the grading and feeding them online here itself, than take it home to be caught up with the College work at St Josephs, Bangalore.

In the meantime, I have had a peek at the Indian and Mangalorean life in the US. Thanks to my friends and well-wishers. First I visited Berkley in California, where Shantraj -with his Indian other friends- was both gracious and generous to accompany me to various places of my interest – Universities of California, Santa Clara, Stanford; then Google HQ, Facebook HQ (which -like me- none gets a chance to visit I hear), San Fransisco the city of skyscrapers, Bay Area, countryside of Berkley, San Jose, any number of Indian restaurants and families/ people.

Then it was Portland. That lovely place. On the way to and fro, Astoria and Multnomah Falls.

Then Los Angeles – LA with Hollywood.

Then there is something else. I visited a couple of friends from Mangalore. Spent two days in two different months. Have been here in Bellevue since yesterday. Besides the beauty and serenity of Bellevue, there is the cordiality of Alwyn and Josy. They have been wonderful hosts – loving and warm. Alwyn has made it sure that I neither feel the absence of Indian cuisine nor warmth! Pressy and Gracy made it for me, though they themselves were thousands of miles away!

Missed meeting Kenneth. Missed visiting Francis Britto, who met with an accident while skiing during Christmas vacation. I had visited him soon upon my arrival, when he was till at Virginia Transatlantic hospital in Seattle. After he was shifted to Bellevue (his hometown), I haven’t been able to catch up with him. But when I am actually here in Bellevue, he can’t be reached! May God grant him good health.



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