Modi-bhakts and hatred

What I like the most about Modi-bhakts and the right-wing brigade of India, is their consistent, rabid hatred for the weaker sections and youth of our society. You say any innocuous thing on Facebook or Twitter, they will attack you. One thing certain is that they don’t read (I don’t mean to say that they are completely illiterate, even if uneducated) what is written. It looks like they have a mandate to attack anyone who is not explicitly associated with shameless Modi-puja (worship) or right–wing bashing.

At the same time, this blind brigade does not see the ruin the present Modi-government -in association with the undemocratic RSS/ Sangh Parivar- is working on India. Whatever happened to the ‘better days ahead’ (acche din anewale hain) or ‘sabka satha sabka vikas’ (with everyone and everyone’s development) and similar populist slogans?

World crude oil prices have fallen from $129 a barrel in early 2014 to just about $30-40 in 2014-15; but petrol and diesel prices have sky-rocketed. Modi government is speaking of FDI (foreign direct investment) in trillions; true, foreign companies are promising; but none actually invests in India. It has fallen by about 65% in 2015.  Attacks on dalits (SCs), STs (tribals/ natives), women, youth, minorities, freedom of speech and expression have only increased. And Modi is once again on a foreign-tour spree (at our cost, of course)

Look at the way, BJP’s campaign going on in West Bengal! They want to identify and chase away the Bangla Muslim immigrants, while shield majoritarian immigrants from other countries. Shouldn’t all immigrants be treated as immigrants irrespective of their religion? They are inflaming communal fires once again, now that elections are fast approaching!

Should BJP rule the country at all? Are they capable of ruling? Or should be worshipping in temples built by RSS?

1 thought on “Modi-bhakts and hatred

  1. This Modi bhakt phenomenon is not new in the context of Hindutva. Ambedkar himself was subject to death threats and vitriolic abuse. He mentions this in the preface to his work ‘Who were the Shudras.’

    “The only thing I did not know was how the meek and non-violent looking Hindu can be violent when anybody attacks his Sacred Books. I became aware of it as never before when last year I received a shower of letters from angry Hindus, who became quite unbalanced by my speech on the subject delivered in Madras. The letters were full of filthy abuse, unmentionable and unprintable, and full of dire threats to my life. Last time they treated me as a first offender and let me off with mere threats. I don’t know what they will do this time. For on reading the book they are sure to find more cause for anger at what in their eyes is a repetition of the offence in an aggravated form for having brought forth chapter and verse to show that what goes by the name of Sacred Books contains fabrications which are political in their motive, partisan in their composition and fraudulent in their purpose. I do not propose to take any notice of their vilifications or their threats. For I know very well that they are a base crew who, professing to defend their religion, have made religion a matter of trade. They are more selfish than any other set of beings in the world, and are prostituting their intelligence to support the vested interests of their class. It is a matter of no small surprise that when the mad dogs of orthodoxy are let loose against a person who has the courage to raise his voice against the so-called Sacred Books of the Hindus, eminent Hindus occupying lofty places, claiming themselves to be highly educated and who could be expected to have no interest and to have a free and open mind become partisans and join the outcry. Even Hindu Judges of High Courts and Hindu Prime Ministers of Indian States do not hesitate to join their kind. They go further. They not only lead the howl against him but even join in the hunt. What is outrageous is that they do so because they believe that their high stations in life would invest their words with an amount of terror which would be sufficient enough to cow down any and every opponent of orthodoxy.”

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