Like the Israelites in Exile – Longing for NE

Like the Old Testament Israelites in Exile – longing for the North East! Not that their Egypt was bad – just that they were longing for that beautiful land…

It has been my dream to visit the North East – the north eastern states of India, famously known as the Seven Sisters. I have heard so much of it; I have met so many of them from the North East. Some of them my students since 2000; others students in my college, but known to me. It’s the land of colourful people and rich cultures.

[In the picture: a bus from Guwahati carrying passengers not just in the bus, but also on it roof-top! I had missed this scenario in the last few years, after I witnessed them in my own town and village, and above all in Bidar of North Karnataka in 2001]

[Pic.2: Marwari Basa Hotel – Lodging and Fooding. You make of it what you want to]

In 2011, I almost made it. All was arranged (not for visit; but primarily for some work). But the bureaucracy was worse than the work at hand. The last minute “hiccups” came on the way of – not just the visit but more importantly- the work. Had to cancel the programme which was legitimately agreed upon.

This time I am here – physically. Came to Guwahati (Assam) on Thursday (7th); spent


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