Google doodle wishing me ‘happy birthday’

The search giant Google wished me on my birthday, today. It took me by surprise!

[Before that, I must confess, -based in Shillong- today I had the most silent and quiet birthday of my life in the last few years. That was one of my long-felt desires, not to celebrate my birthday.  Avoid this so much artificial noise about it. Birthday may be a chance for your friends, acquaintances and the ambitious to have some (small or big) celebrations or wish and show case their skills at language and impressing. But doesn’t make much difference in real life. Can this one day make up for all the 364 other days. Well, I mean, I don’t like commercial formula films of Bollywood; I like realism of Ray or Girish Kasaravalli or other quality filmmakers.]google bday

Back to Google doodle…

Google is known to display doodles related to some important national and international events/ personalities on its search page on their days. As you open a new page, first the doodle appears. And then you are able to key in your search terms.

But I never thought it would customise its search page so much to include a relatively unknown individual to wish him (her/) a happy birthday!

Today when I opened Google page, I was surprised to see a strange doodle. There was a cake, cup cakes, and candies with candles and stars on its homepage. I kept the mouse-pointer on it, and it showed ‘Happy Birthday Richard!’ To my great surprised.

I clicked the doodle and followed the links – Google has collected my information from the net and its own repository and prepared a doodle for me (to be seen only by me, of course!)

Good corporate techniques; good PR. Good business, Google! It must be a child’s play now, for this search giant (once it arranges the digital ‘arguments’) But message is loud and clear!


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