CBSE Results Announced

The final of the lot is here – results of the CBSE secondary school (1oth std). After the CBSE (Higher Secondary), SSLC and PUC results were declared, the major chunk of students were relieved to know their position with respect to their future course. Only the 10th standard CBSE students were waiting.

Now it is admission time – be it 11th (+2 or Higher Secondary/ PUC) or Medical/Engineering/Dental or higher education like BA, BCom, BBM, BSc., etc.

In the meantime, the Supreme Court of India has refused to interfere with the Presidential Ordinance against its own earlier NEET for professional courses. This means, while all the private colleges/universities in the country have to wait for the 2nd phase of NEET on 24 July to be conducted by CBSE, all the government colleges/ institutes could go ahead with their own state tests – at least for this year. It mean, from next year, NEET will be conducted for all (private and government institutes) by CBSE Board in these professional courses (MBBS, BD, BE, etc) sometime in October.

Another development: Private institutions which were mandated by state governments to hand over 25-40% their seats to government pool free of cost, have refused to part with their quota, this time, because of a particular clause in the NEET ruling. This may cause some more anxiety to students who were waiting to get into top professional institutes indirectly through government (merit) quota, by paying a pittance to private colleges (but often paying to politicians and bureaucrats!)


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