The Media: Bought and Sold

Saturday, May 28,2016

NEW DELHI: In the second year of the current government some of the trends of the first year have deepened, have been ingrained and are actually showing up in terms of how the media landscape is defined today.

I will just go back and talk about specific stories and specific ideas and how they play out in the public because I think that’s a good illustration of what is happening.

If I look back at the last year, there are three stories in the Caravan that stand out for me and that are illustrative of what is happening around us. These three stories were early on, and I’m talking about the last year. One was a profile of he who shall not be named Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley is today the Finance Minister and I&B Minister; this combination itself is telling. We haven’t seen this happen before and it illustrates exactly the problems that confront the media in this government.

The pressure doesn’t have to be direct in the media landscape, where there is corporate ownership. The finance minister as I&B minister may want certain … (for more read)



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