CBCS3: History of Indian cinema

Students wanting to study Indian cinema, must go to some serious books. Though we have shortage of literature on Indian cinema, Garga, Thoraval and others give you some good history in brief. But if you want “chinese food”, here is a link.

(If you want some solid information, Ashish Rajadhyaksha & Paul Willeman are good!)


Caution: this is an old link from Shodganga. Not really good enough. Its statistics are very old. But will give you some idea. For our balanced and updated understanding, this reading is bad enough; even for grading, it is bad

But to begin with, we need to start somewhere. Here we go. The least we can think of (once again, outdated and insufficient!) is a bare minimum information. We will use this for our next week’s discussion. The first week of July.


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