Open Letter To MJ Akbar From Ravish Kumar, Zero TRP Anchor

Respected Akbar ji,


Eid Mubarak. That you have become the Minister of State for External Affairs is no less a special occasion than Eid. We journalists should be very happy that you first became a spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party and then a parliamentarian and now a minister. You fought an election on a Congress ticket. Then you came back to become an editor. Then you again went from an editor to a spokesperson and then a minister. Perhaps I will never know what you thought about journalists becoming netas and the work ethics that come into play with that.

Did you ever pass through a crisis of conscience? Even though there are no Gods in journalism, during these times, did you ever fear God?

Akbar ji, I am writing this letter to you with a certain degree of bitterness as well. But you are not the reason for that. You may help me out of it. For the last three years I have been called a pimp on social media. The political change that veteran journalists like you call great for..(to read further, use the link below—


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