Drinking milk from non-Indian cows ‘could make children turn to crime’

India’s middle class gated communities should keep their own cow herds with cows from India, Shankar Lal, leader of an influential Hindu nationalist group, says


Milk from Jersey cows may make children turn to crime, allegedly

Milk from Jersey cows may make children turn to crime, allegedly Photo: Alamy

If you thought Indian-bred cows are mothers, would you concede that high-quality foreign cows like milky Jersey could be ‘Mausi‘s (maternal-aunt)? You may be logical, but definitely anti-national, if you follow the right-wing Hindu fundamentalist arguments.

And after all, the arguments come not from mavericks like me; they come from some of the top Hindu organisation leaders. According to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (National Volunteer Association, the parent of all those hundreds of right associations -RSS or Sangh Parivar)’s Gau Rakshak Samithi/ Cow Protection Committee chief Shankar Lal believes only Indian cows are mothers. And others are unfit for our children to drink their milk from! If Indian children drink the foreign cows’ (like Jersey cows) milk, they will turn to criminal tendencies/ behaviour. Brilliant science by the extreme organisations’ leaders.

This type of logic is nothing new. Not long ago did our prime minister, RSS’ own prodigy Narendra Modi, claimed that the plastic surgery was invented by Indian’s. For example, that is how Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, got his elephant trunk! Period! This is just one of the many “brilliant” example!

Fine, all credit to the extremist (I mean creative) organisations. Others simply can’t think out of the box. Now, what to do with our “high-breed” and “high-milk producing”) but low-dignity Jersey cows? Many Indian households have already bought them for better milk production and profit. Today our dairy industry runs because of them, just like our beef-export industry. Can we sell for slaughter these low-dignity cows (which -unlike our pure, vegetarian Indian cows!- eat plastic and all the filth in our streets- as accused by the brilliant-thinking RIGHT organisation) and export for some foreign exchange? This will continue our number one ranking as beef-exporters and ensure that our kids have saatvik/ saadhu/ polite, sober mentalities and behaviour.

After this, India won’t have any more crimes  like Delhi gang-rape (and regular rapes that keep happening in our hearing/ seeing on TVs/ reading) or rape of nuns in Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh (1998); there won’t be anything like Gujarat pogrom (2002) or Muzaffarpur (in Uttar Pradesh) lynching of Mohammad Aqlaq (2015); or train blasts like Samjauta Express (2007) and Dy. Police Inspector Kallappa Handibag killing in Karnataka (2016); there won’t be unprovoked Church attacks as in Karnataka (2008) or attacks on helpless tribal Christians as in Orissa and rape of nuns (2008); with the downgrading of foreign cows, there won’t be any more live burning of missionaries like Australian Graham Steines (who was working for the leprosy patients in Orissa- with his two sons Philip (10) and Timothy (6) while they were sleeping in a jeep (Jan. 1999) and many other killings.

How blessed we will be, just because of these low-dignity, undeserving, dirty Jersey cows! And because of brilliant “Right”-thinkers of the Sangh Parivar! I am waiting for that day when there will be no more crime in India; no attacks, no abuses, no discord, no conspiracies, no communal flare-up – just one remedy: strip these Jersey cows of all their dignity and “high-breed status”, and all will be fine. Tell them: they should know that they are downgraded and unwanted. These foreign cows should feel humiliated. Thank you high-breed cows for giving us all our Right behaviour and our cows much-awaited dignity!


you may like to read what the British paper The Telegraph writes about:-

The Jersey cow may seem like a cute symbol of the British countryside, but according to Hindu nationalists in India it is a demonic creature and the cause of juvenile crime.

The claim was made by a leading figure in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the influential Hindu nationalist group which counts Narendra Modi, the prime minister, among its members. Mr Modi was educated by the group….


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