Water violence, and Karnataka ‘bundh’

Now the Cauvery controversy is back in currency. Political parties like BJP and Janata Dal (JD) are happy that there is a huge political controversy, which they can harness to gather votes irrespective  of the lives of the people harmed by the violence unleashed by the anti-social elements.

This is not to say that the Congress party is any better; they are politicians, they too are equally selfish and motivated. It is just that the onus is on them to follow the Supreme Court directive – to release 12 cusec of water every day till 20 September 2016.  They have (neither at the Federal/ Central nor at the State level) done anything to sort out the issue amicably.

One of the questions asked since yesterday is till when would this ‘bundh‘/strike be? Will have College/ classes/ school on Wednesday? Or this entire week?

The answer is YES! The Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr Siddharamaiah has assured that the public transport and offices/ schools/ colleges will function normally from Wednesday.

The state and the common wo/man  has suffered much, beyond explanation.  Already two men have died; thousands of children and women were inconvenienced, stranded mid-way between their homes and schools/ colleges/ offices.  Billions of dollars worth business has taken a hit because of this bundh in Karnataka and especially in its IT-hub Bangalore. Crores of rupees worth public and private property has been destroyed. That is the state of anarchy in a democracy like ours. Those with muscle/ goonda power rule the roost.

I hope, we will return to normalcy on Wednesday, as promised by the Karnataka state political leaders.


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