Maiden Research Colloquium

12 Dec. It was for the first time that we at SJC Bengaluru. And -need I say- I was quite nervous about it. Would it catch imagination of our teaching faculty? Will they attend? Is it fine not to have insisted on attending (which I believe we should not make)… all these doubts..At the end of it, I was thrilled to see faculty and research scholars’ interest in such intellectual activities.


(1. from left to right: Dr Wajeed of Microbiology moderating the session;

2. Participants

3. Yours Truly welcoming the guests and participants

4. Our special team from Seattle University, Washington: L-R: Drs Michael Zanis, Carolyn Stenbak, Lindsay Witlow – all biologists)

Dr Sandra Misquith, Associate Professor from (Bio)Chemistry made the first presentation on her on-going reseach on Tuberculosis and new drug.

Experts from Seattle University presented their joint project on Algae and Virus activity in Seattle lakes.



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