Bengaluru Meenakshi Temple

In the second week of December 2016, we had a team of five professors (three biologists, one Management expert and a Director of Jesuit Mission and Ministry) from Seattle University, Washington, USA. This is where I spent a semester early this year, as LeRoux Chair and also taught a module on Indian Cinema. This month’s team was the second one visiting SJC for their weeklong Immersion Program here this year – the first one being in March 2016.

As their host at St Josephs College (well, they were not my personal guests, they were the College guests, and I was only faithfully working for the College!), I took the lead to take them around. Our first destination was Meenakshi Temple on Bannerghatta Road, near Hulimavu. It was followed by Narasimhaswamy temple on Bande near National Park, Bannerghatta. And the last one -on our return- was a millennia-old Cave Temple in Hulimavu. The American team liked it very much – India’s religious legacy. The pictures are from Meenakshi Temple – one a pillar, the other was the massive door. I liked the patterns that I captured, hence the post.



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