Christmas Cribs in Bangalore

Christmas is a special time of the year. Not just for Christians all around the world, but for all men and women of good will. And I am sure, there are definitely more than a billion such men and women!

One of the external signs of Christmas, by which  most recognise the event, is the Crib, in which Jesus was born over a two millennia ago. Started by St Francis of Assissi in Italy sometime in 1292-93, this gesture was to bring back the original spirit of selfless love and sensitivity of the debut Christmas to fellow-humans over and over again.

Crib is a little hut or a (cow-)shed. When the parents of Jesus -Mary and Joseph- could not find a place to rest, they had to resort to a cow-shed or call it a sheep-house. That is where Jesus was born. In utter poverty and helplessness – far from facility, power, and privilege.

Today, Christmas is coterminus -at least wrongly and commercially- with Crib and Santa. You can find any number and types of Cribs – to speak more for the creativity and resources of their modern creators than to speak for the original spirit of Christmas and the Savior.

Never mind. That speaks for the zeal of the devotees. Let’s appreciate it.

Here are  a few pictures of the Cribs created in Bangalore – at St Josephs College Autonomous (SJC), SJC Hostel, SJC Staff Quarters – Jesuit Nivas, and Shantinagar Parish, under which the College falls. If you would keep the cursor on the picture, you would identify them.


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