Soliloquy between research papers

It’s been sometime since I posted last. Life has been a pressure cooker.

On 16 Jan I travelled to Kerala to chair a session of Research Papers presentation at Calicut University. It was quite a hectic time – after all my own research, classes and tutorials for students. Then read the presentation papers and make critical comments. But it was  good experience.

Travelled back the same night, and after engaging some more classes over the next two days, I travelled to Ahmedabad, Gujarat to present my research paper at their national conference. Good conference, badly organised. After attending those two days, I returned without sleep, like the entire week!

Then got busy with another paper – to be presented at an International Symposium. I am still working on – lots of work is pending; the deadline is over, I can’t give up. Even as I work on the paper, besides teaching and guiding seminar papers of my students and supervising other research activity of the College; and it is not at all cake walk!

You know, I miss blogging!


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