Pity of Indian democracy

Sad for Uttar Pradesh. The fascist party of India, BJP, was catapulted to power in UP, India’s most populous state with an absolute majority in the recently concluded (8th March) Assembly elections. The five states which went to elections: Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Manipur, Punjab, and Goa, have thrown disturbing results. Disturbing to every Indian and the future of India.

A well-performing, incumbent, and young  Akhilesh Yadav of Uttar Pradesh was shown the door for a hollow, long-talking, communal BJP led by pompously by Modi and Shah combine.

The duo, along with their communal gang of candidates and corrosive MPs like Yogi Adityanath, communally polarised the state; they abused Muslims and minorities, berated the already exploited Scheduled Castes, terrorised  Muslims, called them names, and talked of khabristan (Muslim places of burial) vs smashan (Hindu places), and spoke self-contradictorily of development and building the mythical temple in Ayodhya. How can you develop a state by dividing people along caste and communal lines? How can an invading race of Aryans from Mesopotamia, develop the country or parts thereof by isolating and exploiting the natives of the land, even if they look dark, less sophisticated, and poor?

To make things worse, an extremely right wing man, with a huge of criminal record to his credit -of inciting unilateral violence, especially 2007 Gorakhpur violence against Muslims) is appointed chief minister. He is supposed to be a Yogi : a man without passions, only a spiritual leader. He is supposed to console people, but went on inciting people. He is supposed to be healed, but the an keeps on using abusive, acerbic language against anyone not of the Hindu right wing.

This psuedo-Yogi terrorised anyone who did not subjugate to his fascist ideology. Now to put him in charge of the 200 million people with the most communally polarised and volatile religious atmosphere, shows nothing but contempt for civilians, on the part of Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, the vicious RSS, and its entire sangh parivar.

The Greek philosopher Socrates had nothing but contempt for common citizenry (who are called idiotes in Greek, which means idiot) who selected their leader to rule. They were called so because, they were bereft of common sense and sophistication; acted on the spur of the moment. That is what we have today – be it in electing Modi or Adityanand, or their ilk in different states.

Another tragedy is the pathetic state the grand old party Congress is in today. Though Congress was the single largest party in Goa and Manipur, it was lazier than the worst of our students – just did not work to stake claims. And the power-greedy BJP, murdered democracy by staking claims [because the one who invites (Governor) to form a government ] in both the states are RSS workers, appointed by Modi’s government.

Such is the state of democracy in India. Such is the pity of our electoral system. Misery of Socratic idiotes.


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