10 April.

It is ten days since we at St Josphs College Autonomous hosted Mr P. Chidambaram, former Union Finance and Home Minister.

That a was brilliant. Though an intellectual, a top-notch former minister, Mr Chidambaram was absolutely humble, simple and casual. No airs, no status of a minister!

He was sitting in my office, right in front of me, along with Prof. Rajeev Gowda, MP (Rajya Sabha or the Upper House of Parliament), Dr Aditya Sondhi, Senior Advocate and Addl. Advocate General, Karnataka, and Mr Veeraraghav, Resident Editor of The Hindu.

And then, it was my privilege to welcome all the dignitaries who wanted to listen to Mr Chidambaram, witness his book launch in Bangalore, and probably be a part of the panel which would grill the author and former Minister.

I was privileged to be part of that panel. Though it was very short panel, unlike our New TV Channels, it was very educative – both because it involved immense reading and planning on my part. Then to address him and to question him on the stage was a great experience.

After the panel, the former minister took questions from the audience, which were many, but always with facts and figures on his finger tips! The way he handled tough questions was absolutely brilliant! Thank you Mr John Thomas, thank you Mr Sugatha Srinivasaraju!

Another thing that benefited us the immense coverage by the local and national media! In Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and in Delhi- the event found a very special mention and coverage!


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