Fear of the Indian Majority

Seemingly, the majority community in India thinks it is at the risk of extinction. Or, that is what the RSS and its sangh-parivar say, and make ordinary, gullible Hindus believe. Going by the big numbers of herded, unemployed youth at its various political rallies in the name of religion and “culture” (Hindu samskriti), it would seem so. Or the RSS, which stands of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (nationalist volunteer organisation), would have us believe.

Look at the way the poisonous organisation has spread its roots all over – from the most illiterate and poor folk to the highly literate and filthy rich, from villages to metropolises. The sangh parivar has succeed in hoodwinking a huge number of people – either by lies or by threats.

Currently, the politically ambitious organisation is busy terrorising Muslims in various parts of the country in the name of beef-ban. You simply can’t believe a Gujarat pogrom (February-March 2002), or a Muzaffarnagar (August 2013) could happen in a democracy.  Or that you could numb down an entire peace-loving, quiet and miniscule minority Christians community under the bogey of faked-conversions. Recently, after the political victories in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and machinations in Manipur and Goa (March 2017), things have become worse: in the state of Jharkhand in North India, the RSS has started a Christian-free-Jharkhand, and are forcing Christians to convert to Hinduism. The battlelines are clear: in the 2014 Parliamentary elections it was Congress-mukth bharat (Congress-free India), post UP-elections 2017, it is Christian-free Jharkhand. The RSS would tolerate no opposition to its dirty agenda.

The same organisation has forced tribals (STs/ original dwellers of the land) of India out of their natural resources-rich locales, and has completely numbed the entire dalit/ Scheduled Caste community, which the invader upper castes of India demonised, from the time it invaded India (Mohenjodaro-Harappa civilisation times). But when it needs foot-soldiers to abuse minorities in the name of “nationalism” and ‘foreign religions’, the RSS employs these gullible people to be their foot-soldiers. The idea is clear – if someone is caught red-handed attacking minorities and women, the hapless SC/ STs go to jails. If the illegal, inhuman operations successful, RSS cadres covet political chairs at the highest levels.

Benefit above all of unopposed political power.

Look at the political scenario today in India! Beginning with the prime minister of India, BJP’s national president, to all the chief ministers of the BJP-ruled states and top ministers – all are RSS-cadres, deputed by RSS to BJP, after they were tested and found successful to be staunch anti-minorities and firebrand Hindutva-vadis (fascists).  By the way, BJP is the political wing of the RSS, which today rules most of the country, and many of its federal states.

In this context, Apoorvanand’s article in an English daily  Tribune is very relevant.

————-  ——————-

Do we need interpreters?

Hinduism at risk from RSS

UNDONE: There was pride in the chaotic diversity that was Hinduism.

HINDUS need to worry. Not about Muslims being beaten up or killed on the pretext of cow smuggling or slaughter, or Christians being attacked on the pretext of conversion. Hindus need to stir out of slumber because Hinduism is in peril. It is not threatened by Muslims. For the last 150 years, Hindus have been led to believe that they would be drowned by the rapidly increasing numbers of Muslims. Not by Christians too, for they have not been able to convert all other Indians to a religion of foreign origin. Instead, there is a clear threat now of Hinduism being taken over by an organisation called the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Hinduism, a religion that is a way of life, as its adherents like it to be known, is now in the hands of organisations and people who want to transform it into an ideology of dominance over populations, which are seen, feared and abhorred as ‘others’.  Hindus better be warned. The pictures emerging from West Bengal should act as a wake-up call for them. This year, processions with swords and other lethal weapons were taken out in different parts of Bengal on the day of Ram Navami led by various affiliates of the RSS. Children, girls, women, men marched with these weapons chanting slogans in Hindi. The streets and lanes of Kolkata, Birbhum, Burdwan, Nadia, Malda, Midnapore and Darjeeling…..


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