A Visit to Indian Institute of Science

On Friday, Dr Divakar, Frs Melwyn D’Cunha, and Jimmy (with me, of course) visited the famous Indian Institute of Science. The Institute is known for C. V. Raman, the Nobel laureate.
IISc Rhidhi2
Besides our interest to know about IISc, and witness its excellence, we have another reason: our famous Taxonomist Fr Cecil Saldanha was closely associated with it during his life-time. Towards the end of his life, he donated his entire collection of herbarium to IISc. We wanted to see that too.
IISc Rhidhi
The 420-acre campus is absolutely marvelous.  Such a beautiful campus in the heart of Bangalore. It is lush green. It is well-maintained.
IISc Plane
There is a particular tree – I forget the exact name. Such a lovely tree!
And then we found India’s first indigenously designed plane – probably in the late 1950s – the description there does not give the exact date. It simply says the plane was in operation from the 1950s to the mid-1980s.
IISc Plance Expl

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