When you don’t take care of your system

What happens? It’s obvious. Your system doesn’t take care you, it fails you. It forces you down to take care of it!

It’s no secret Thai I have been overwriting my system – my only, irreplaceable body. And it has served me right for a number of years. But, poor thing, how long can it pull on?

This time I had a scared of dengue too. Dengue is too prevalent in Karnataka this yeas. Hundreds have lost their lives to dengue this year alone.

For days ago I felt I couldn’t go on. Then on Friday I had a blood test done. Test revealed my platelet count was down to 150,000. That’s not the best thing to happen.

Then I started consuming pomegranate juices, fruits, and papaya leaf juice. Things are better. But not not the best. Feel giddy, phlegm in the chest, cough, and feverish.

Only I wish I had learned my lesson a. Wee bit early.


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