When it rains, it simply pours down

This year has been very good for rains in India. Initially things looked bright, and then suddenly a pall of gloom spread over the Indian skies with rain gods refusing to “liquidate” their “gaseous” promises! I am not sure whom to talk about – the rain gods or the weather predicting gods of India. 

Then again, the skies started rejoicing, shedding thick tears of joy – most parts of the country have had plenty of rains – in access over the annual average. The surplus started in August. 

But a few parts of the country experienced dry days all the same! Especially Karnataka, which has regular tussles over water with Tamil Nadu and Goa and Kerala and Maharashtra.  

While places like Bangalore- which otherwise don’t receive too much of rains, this year it was the opposite – plenty of rains. In fact -may be highest rains ever in Bangalore. If it rains another centimeter or two (10-20mm) in Bangalore in the next two days, we would have set new records for all eternity! So much of rains. No less devastation, either.

 And Mumbai didn’t learn its lessons! Normal life has come to a stand still. The otherwise dry Mumbai is under water. And more rains in the offing. So far, the rains are said to be only second highest after 2005!  

And our administration -neither Mumbai nor Bangalore nor Chennai- learn any lessons from their omissions and commission Poor rain management by our city councils. No rain water harvesting. No drainage. Hardly any preparedness!

Sad for a country which suffers so much of loss due to lack of water, and now allowed to suffer due to excess rains! I only pray God to give our civil servants and politicians some sense of their duty and imaginative ways of managing resources. And some good civil sense to all of us – civilians.


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