Exams are a welcome time

Ask students. And they will frown on you. But there’s no getting away from them. Exams

Teachers don’t enjoy exams either. Not most. First, they need to set question papers for exams. Second, they need to do invigilation, doing nothing else during exams while students are busy scratching their grey cells in exam halls. If the exam duration is three hours, nothing can be more frustrating to a teacher than that. You just have keep your mouth shut, which otherwise refuse to shut all day, like Arnab Goswamy’s! Then, seeing students desperately trying to copy, avoiding invigilators’ eyes is another pathetic sight.

Third, students are free after sitting their exams. But not teachers. They have to read those answer scripts, desperately looking for answers resembling something of what they might have taught in classrooms!

When done, teachers have to distribute those “corrected” answer scripts to their rightful owners, ready to face any question/ accusation by them. And complaints. It’s too much.


But this time, i was lucky with exams. It gave me time to recuperate. Post fever, you time to recover. And i had some of it. I didn’t have to prepare my classes.

Thanks to exams, I am more or less back to my normal.


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