That’s how Govt intimidates media

If you don’t know yet, Jay Shah is son of BJP National President Amit Shah.

Jay made 16000 times more profit after Modi came to power. How is the entire India loses money after BJP and Modi come to power, but two of staunch Modi supporters make fortunes – Ambani makes 67% & Jay makes 16000 times more from a loss making company? And then, after making miraculous profits, he shuts down the company?

Now Rohini Singh exposes this holy miracle, just as she did it in 2011, the fortunes of Robert Vadra, Sonia Gandhi’s son in law. Back then, BJP was very happy. Used it to abuse Congress and come to power. But this time, it tries to silence the journalist and the media.

Read this, and support fearless journalism.

Check out @svaradarajan’s Tweet:

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