Modi makes way for this bete noir!

Congress seems to be back. Who would have thought it possible in 2014 when the grand old party was routed beyond recognition by the so-called Modi-wave?
In fact, after three years, you see plenty of people regretting voting for a man from Gujarat, even after he made a mess of it Gujarat, but succeeded in branding himself with the help of America PR Consultancy (APCO Worldwide) and Oregon-based American Ad Agency Kennedy & Widen?
The charismatic Modi has been on a roll in spite of his blunder after blunder with economy, fostering communal enmity, severe attacks on freedom of the press, abuse of human rights and spreading lies in India and overseas. Yet, Indians have a short term memory; Indians are forgiving. rahul-gandhi-in-gujarat_650x400_71508417617
[Photo courtesy: NDTV website]
Indians love to listen to good orators. Let’s give it to him – Modi is a great orator. Full stop! Great oratory and hollow promises don’t fill your stomach; definitely not the stomachs of the predominantly poorer Indians, when Modi himself flies to the US every other month and goes and hugs every world leader whom he criticised left, right and centre pre-election 2014. He has the best of flights and any number of times when our trains meet with disasters and thousands lose their lives; he has best of food when our billion population starves and queue up for their next meal; Modi changes his designer suits  five times a day when a huge majority of our people are struggling to cover their bodies; Modi has Z+ category of security when most of our dalits, tribals, minorities, women, and artists and thinkers who don’t toe his/ RSS line are attacked day and night or -worse still- killed; Modi’s confidante, BJP national president Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah’s wealth rises 16000 times from Rs. 5 thoursand to 80 crores (800 million), and Modi’s friend and major donor in 2014 elections (who now commands every Indian political, economic policy of the country) Mukesh Ambani’s fortunes worth a few lakh crores rise 67%, and Indians in lakhs lose job their jobs, suffer heavy losses due to demonitisation and GST, and, and , and…. the list is endless.
So that is when a much-derided “prince” Rahul Gandhi is seen as the only hope for the country! Thanks to Modi’s extravaganza, anti-people policies, messing up with economy, support to communal elements, gross violation of human rights, corruption and brushing aside the corruption of his colleagues, cheap rhetoric have paved the way for the once ridiculed young from Gandhi family to be the only ray of hope!
Today the social media is full of caricaturing of Modi and his BJP and RSS. There is nothing but cynicism. And Rahul Gandhi, who not too long ago was trolled for everything and written off, is now retweeted  many more times than the king of social media – Modi!
Achche din anewale hain!

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