Vague Reflections on Incompetence and anti- PRO-fessionalism

It’s strange how people over-pitch themselves in  an effort to stay in the business without actually performing. And then, raise their price manifold!

When someone put you in-charge -more as a mark of respect for the retiring non-performer than out of actual respect for your real ability-, you started bragging in public, forgetting every decency, ‘the boss BEGGED me to take it up’! Let’s not speak about the boss’ incompetence! Bosses are meant to be clowns, anyway.

And then started a saga of incompetence: absolute disregard for a culture of work – students did the work – the best way they could : cut-and-paste. And this heavy-weight has the temerity to “appoint” someone to do the work assigned to this incompetent one. Hei, how can you appoint anyone on somebody else’ property? Does anyone listen? Never mind, I don’t expect you to understand. But what you produced behind schedule as the first draft was absolute crap, an insult to the two letters you prefix to your name “dr”, let’s not talk about the dignity of the institution that fed you for three decades for free.

Then someone called mc comes in and takes the initiative to repair the crap, without hurting the big egotist. And everybody knows it, because everyone was asking who was in-charge: mc or the good-for-nothing heavy-weight. That was the height of incapability. Finally, when fruits are gathered, the heavy-weight jumps in to misappropriate the fruits of someone else’ labour.  Is it the genuine ignorance of one’s own cheap tactics or feigned ignorance that makes you so shameless? I am trying to decipher.

And now, when a fellow told me that the heavy-weight has demanded a plum position with a plum office, I was dismayed. That is even after our Indian government considers you useless and forcibly retires you, you still want to force your weight on others. For what? Because you find elsewhere you are unfit, and hence force yourself on the place you have milched shamelessly?

That is the tragedy of some of these feudal kingdoms in modern era: your boot-licking abilities are rewarded, and not your actual performance, much less your value system. What else do you expect when you yourself are catapulted to the top because of your incompetence and bootlicking than for any professional ability?

I must tell you something about somebody else: when you are a chemist, you should do chemistry, and not meddle with electronics or zoology. But since your wife has warned you not to sit at home post-your retirement, you try meddling with things other than your own area, because in your area, your worth is measured by your peers, and you can’t hide your shameless face.

Forget about that one. A third one. Everyone knows you are a brahmin, who would prefer sacrificing any modern thinking to promote astrology. Since you can’t kill scientific, work-culture and modern temper openly, you kill it by getting other, similar, incompetent, lazy donkeys around you. If that be the case, why are you alive? Why are you free – let somebody else decide for you and measure your un-worthiness.  You are from an oppressive caste. And you will never tolerate a group of institutions -which have traditionally fought the inequalities propagated by your caste- to flourish. Then, why are you here bootlicking? Oh, you are also going to retire, and need to find a home-for-the-aged, to keep your wife at peace.

Incompetence everywhere. Height of unprofessionalism at work. Oppressors sleeping with the oppressed. And do you think I am reflecting on our shameless politics in India?


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