Noise in our air

People complain of air pollution. In Delhi, the Sri Lankan cricket players wore masks and played cricket. A sign of protest against the poor quality of air. That affected not just the cricket match and its final results (which were expected to be in BCCI’s/ Virat Kohli team’s favour) – the match ended in a tame draw.

Air pollution is bad enough. Worse is noise pollution .Those of us who live in cities, are accustomed to this high decibel noise. No, I don’t mean this noise. I don’t even mean the Times Now or Republic TV’s noise – both of which were started by Arnab Goswami. We can’t  bother much about too much of boww bowww… After all who cares for that boww wowww? Only the jobless.

I mean the political pitch in Gujarat and also in Karnataka. While Gujarat is going to election this and next week (in two phases), Karnataka is going to elect its next government next year, probably in about four -five months.

But the noise these political netas make disturbs me. While every politician and political party makes noise, the communal BJP’s noise mechanisms are beyond comprehension. It’s when elections come that they remember that there is Ayodhya (Babri Masjid) in Uttar Pradesh, Baba Budangiri in Chikmagaluru (Karnataka) and some temples in Gujarat to be settled. Till then, they have no dum!

And to snatch power, these shameless netas go any extent. Such communal rhetoric! In any democracy, any government would have put these bigots behind bars. But now, these begots themselves are ruling. So no question of demanding justice.

A bigger tragedy is that electorate tolerates all this zilch! No dooubt, in the days of post-truth, people don’t bother about real issues and facts and figures. They are easily fooled by empty promises and dry rhetoric sans values and principles.

It is time we became responsible citizens, and stopped being fooled by populism and dry flattery. Look for ground-level action. Serious commitment to the Constitution and welfare of the state, and absolutely no religious tones.

We all -including these shameless netas- must remember that religion is an absolutely private affair, and should be kept completely out of bounds of the public discourse. Let people practice their religion, but no harm to any. No respect for fictiotious  grouses. Just bare facts and figures.


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