The Master of Blunders takes on the Master of Lies

We have heard / read quite a lot of it. The sacked-Congressman Mani Shankar Aiyar has(d) a gift to put his foot in his mouth. Some even say that the BJP gives “supari” to him at the crucial juncture to puncture the fortunes of the Congress and tilt them in favour of the shamelessly communal BJP.

It happened on the eve of the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, with Aiyar’s “Chaiwala” barb at the the Master of Lies from Gujarat. It happened at a very crucial juncture of the 2017 Gujarat elections, when almost everything seemed to have been loaded heavily in favour of the Congress to win the elections nearly after quarter of a century. And then came the foot-in-the-mouth adjective “neech” to prefixed to Modi’s lies. And all hell broke loose. Modi, with this entire gang of lies, twisted and turned and added lies after lies. Did Aiyar use the word “neech” (low) or the phrase “neech jaati” (low caste) as calimed by Modi and his liar-gang?

Whatever it is, the Congress lost it. The Congress-loyalist Mani Shankar Aiyar was sacked from the party he has given his life to. The communal party, which used to boast of “Gujarat model” of development won the Gujarat 2017 elections, without referring to ‘development’, but simply riding on ablatant communal polarisation and playing on a shameless lie called “neech jaati”. And here is Aiyar bearing his heart out:


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