Washington Univesity students visit SJC

A group of students from University of Washington, led by Prof. Julian Marshal and Prof. Moon, visited St Joseph’s College Autonomous on Saturday, 6th January.

The 17 students from mostly from Environmental Engineering and other science

subjects  are here as part of their international exchange programme.

The students and professors, along with Ms Aruna and Ms Menakshi of ILK, attended an interactive session with teachers from St Joseph’s College.

Dr Richard Rego, Director, International Exchange, welcomed the students and the faculty, and gave a brief introduction to St Joseph’s College, diversities in Indian education system and Indian society.

Dr Arun Thampan (PG Coordinator, Department of Physics) gave the students and faculty, a peek into his current research, while Dr Etienne Rassendren (Dept of English) spoke on areas of research in Humanities and Social Sciences at St Joseph’s College. Dr Michael Rajamathi followed it up with a brief session on research in sciences and teaching-learning at St Joseph’s, besides his own research.

The students and faculty engaged in active conversation over university level education in India and at St Joseph’s, besides discussing individual presenters’ research activities, and socio-cultural diversities in India.

After the interactive session, the University of Washington team visited Physics and Chemistry laboratories.

The team will be here for the next three months, till March, during which time, will engage in interaction with students and classroom activities. Profs. Marshal and Moon will also be interacting with their counterparts at St Joseph’s College, besides addressing SJC students.

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