Mahashivratri vigil for a safe India

It’s that Hindu festival when many a devout Hindu keeps a religious fast and a nightlong vigil praying. And I fondly greet them on this Mahashivaratri (variously spelled as maha shiva ratri, maha shivrathri, etc) – the great night of Lord Shiva.

This year, as India braces itself for five different state elections (including one in the southern state of Karnataka), a year before the General Election to the Parliament, many Indians are keeping a fast and a vigil, not for any of their private needs, but for that ultimate spiritual-temporal need: a safe, harmonious India.

After they voted in an ambitious despot in 2014, believing in the hollow promises of depositing Rs. 1.5 million in every Indian’s bank account, the Modi-Jaitlie-Shah regime robbed most Indans of their hard earned money – on two major occasions: cruel demonitisation and shameless GST. The huge cache of black money -the source of promised Rs. 1.5 million- is still lying there in those foreign banks; they have only relieved of our hard-earned cash, and hit us hard in our stomachs, so that we hunger no more!

The Tsar who changes his  clothes three time a day, promised us 20 million jobs; but he has successfully robbed us our own jobs – about 20 million jobs every year since 2015, so that we don’t need to work anymore, don’t need to eat and deplete the earth. Noble intentions!

The big talker & his gang promised us everyone’s progress – “sabka sath, sabka vikas”; sure, they have ensured multi-billionnaires like Ambani and Adani prosper. Ambani, for example,  has now launched the biggest telecom company of the country Jio! It has control of our all our life and data- with the pernicious, bio-mitric containing Aadhaar card! May be one exception to this corporate progress: Shah’s son Jay, who invested Rs. 50,000 thousand, miraculously multiplied his wealth 16,000 times to Rs. 800 million (80 crores), only in THREE MONTHS! That has made all of us believe in miracles; that has made us not lose hope, only if we too were to have that political clout.

Everyone’s progress? Yes, everyone of the goons who wields clubs and rods in the name of ‘cows’ has become fearless; they know they can enter anyone’s house and check for refrigerators and call any meat therein as “cow” and lynch the household people.

Now everyone knows to survive all that you need is a Ram Temple in Ayodhya, and you will have no hunger, no thirst, no needs.

Woe to you if are a dalit (Scheduled caste), a tribal, minority, woman, or a broad minded citizen! Your ‘acche din’ (good days) are assured – like our own journalist Gauri Lankesh, rationalist Dhabolkar, left wing Govind Pansare, and writer Kalburgi, who are murdered in cold blood and day light/ twilight! Sad for you, if you are a student who thinks independenlty and critially – you will be jailed and incarcerated.

All that you need to do is shout some nationalist slogans, however hollow they are; just equate one megalomaniac with the “nation”; or else, you will be termed ‘anti-nationalist’ and killed. Well, in the notorious trio’s democracy, the only thing you have to do is incense the fake nationalists, and lick the megalomaniac’s boots. You don’t need dignity, because the other flies abroad on your taxes, on an average four times a months and for four days each, and changes his clothes three times a day (down from five times a day!), wears those self-named clothes evincing a serious disease, and take selfies with journalists and occasionally with some youth – there are paid IT-soldiers to send the tweets and videos viral. And we live! Happily, ever afer!

The the ony time you wait for the obsessive talker to keep quiet is violate some human/ Constitutional rights; and he goes mum for weeks! Or else, he keeps talking and talking and talking; no end! A truly prosperous country full of promises and talk!

On this holy day/ night of Mahashivratri, like my many Indian brothers and sisters, I also pray for my dear country – for prosperity, peace and the working of the Constitution of India, before it is changed by the unelected rulers of Nagpur.

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